Dopa decided to do a storytime + share his thoughts on stream yesterday since its the end of 2015 If you don’t know who he is he is a Korean streamer ranked 6th in China and is famous for being rank 1 solo queue in China/Korea frequently and being banned from being pro because of his boosting history. I’ll divide game related / streaming+life related in two sections Game related
  • He says jungle, top, support’s solo queue performance isn’t as important, however if a mid or a ADC is lacking in performance that’s a huge sign that there might be a worrying trend.
  • The champions he never plays are Leblanc and Yasuo, and this is because he never uses smartcasts (quickcast) except for three skills (Jayce E+Q, Khazix E+Q, Fizz Ultimate). He believes not using smartcast isn’t for everybody, but he is past the point where his reaction time can cover the fast reaction smart keys give you. That being said Leblanc and Yasuo need smart keys 100% in their kit so he doesn’t like playing them.
  • He feels that the lifesteal/spellvamp mastery is heavily under valued. He checks his replays alot and he found out that the only time he died he was always not full health, and in high elo being able to maintain 100% full health is very important. He recommends at least taking 2 points on it even if your champion benefits heavily from other mastery
  • He feels the best champions to pick in solo queue are: TF, Lulu first pick / Counter Lulu with Veigar, Counter Leblanc with Zed, Counter Viktor with Fizz, Counter TF with Yasuo, Counter Fizz with Ahri
  • He takes careful attention in champ select to see how many playmaking champions (Lee Sin, Elise, Nidalee) there are and how many ‘strong’ champions there are (Fizz, Viktor, etc) and decide on the tempo of the game.
  • He thinks Fizz is really bad in high elo at the moment due to flask removal, teleport nerf and how he falls off at 15-30 min in game if he doesn’t get a lot of kills. Also his ultimate becomes weak after 4 items.
  • He thinks cooldown reduction is heavily overrated and takes MR runes instead. He believes 1 good shot is better than 2 weak ones.
  • He thinks that Chalice is a trash item at the moment since it’s very not cost efficient and rather than Chalice you should go either Abyssal or Morello.
  • He also thinks Rylai is a very trash item because bad cost efficiency and it has a lot of different effects but overall it’s not a mid laner’s item. However if your champion gets huge bonus from this item you should get it.
  • He calls Mid laner a ‘cleanup’ position, and the only items you should build is pure damage. The only defensive item a mid should get are Zhonyas or Abyssal.
  • Rabaddons got a cost increase but he thinks this item is still the mid laner’s ultimate item. He feels this should be a 2-3rd item always, and also Void should be built even as a 4th item sometimes.
  • Captain enchant is really underrated and is good for champions like Veigar, and it closes up opportunities for your opponents to make a comeback.
  • AD based team comp isn’t that bad, even if it’s all AD there is always magic damage somewhere like thunderlords, and tanks having a few armor items doesn’t mean they are invincible. Even if you are all AD, killing the enemy mid and the adc means you win the game so you shouldn’t worry. However the best team comp is 2ap +2ad
  • If you have a global ult you should get exhaust for playmaking potential (TF, GP, Karthus) However TF benefits from Ignite a lot so ignite should be better.
  • He says there are a lot of differences in builds/setups but overall runes/masteries really don’t make a difference in the outcome of the game.
  • Ezreal is underrated at the moment, however unless you are a god ADC like Pray or Deft or Bang, don’t play the blue build Ezreal.
  • Ahri is the most overpowered midlaner at the moment.
  • He feels everyone other than Faker is trash, if you are able to hit rank 1 you might not be, but you should be able to maintain at least top 15 or you shouldn’t be considered top anymore.
  • He feels that the most important thing in solo queue is to ‘Transcend’ the game, meaning accepting some games are won and some games are lost, and keep your mentality healthy. Once tilt the whole game is lost.
  • Rushing Zhonyas on TF is a dumb thing to do, since TF becomes useless until he finishes Zhonyas. Just the defense from the armlet is enough early game and you should build Rod of Ages because it’s overpowered at the moment.
  • He believes ‘mains’ or ‘master’ at a champion doesn’t exist, if you are stuck in that elo with a champion that means you aren’t good with that champion, but you are bad with every other champion and can only play your ‘main’ to your elo’s level.

  • He wrote a apology about his past actions in Korean and some people speculated he is doing that to return to the pro scene, but he confirms that he has no intentions of being a pro whatsoever
  • He did get into one of the top universities in Korea as a business major but he thinks he will quit school since it’s not much useful
  • He plays Chinese stream for two reasons: money and viewer reactions. If he skips streaming one day, or is late they get really mad at him and if he says he will take a 1 week break they try to murder him. He feels the Chinese crowd love them to that degree and they love him regardless of what he does.
  • Korean stream is similar but it doesn’t make any money and it’s just for the reactions. He enjoys not only people praising him but also people shitting on him. (He thinks the name Poopa is pretty funny)
  • He feels maintaining top rank and streaming is a hard thing to do at the same time, if you are streaming your skills will fall.
  • He wants to stream forever until he gets old
  • He had a history of being toxic/raging in the game and in real life as well so he went to a doctor to see if he needs help, and the doctor said something along the lines that he gets mad easily.
  • He will move back to China January 19th and hit Challenger rank 1 as soon as the challenger spots fill up.
  • The pro players he respect the most are Faker / Clearlove. Their attitudes towards the game is just so different. I was amazed when Clearlove said on the interview that even if he wins worlds, he wants to be a pro player as long as he possibly can.
  • It’s rumored that some Chinese website offered him 3 million dollars to quit pro and start streaming, but declined. (Misaya ameks the most money at the moment with 3 million dollars in China)

Source + Stream vod in Korean Edit1: He says that a lot of Korean prod add him and ask how he thinksaid about a build/champion these daysites, while he replies kindly he says he always has a thought “These nooks are talking to me again”
Source: Reddit

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