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Translation: -Fury is only good on ADCs going mid, such as Ezreal or Lucian. It’s a bad idea to take it on Fizz or Azir. If you absolutely want AS on those champions, you’re better off taking AS marks, which are more efficient. Sorcery amplifies BOTH base damage and AP/AD ratios, so it’s a must for casters.

-Do not take Expose Weakness since it does not help with the laning phase at all. DES is good in lane and in teamfights, but Feast is very important for laning. Before your first back, the safety it gives you is unrivaled by other masteries. In lane, Feast is the best, so pick Feast. In 50 games, Dopa did some stats. The mid lane laning phase ends on average at 5:30. The first time you lose >20 HP is around 1:50. You back at roughly 5:20 after the first major trade or kill. Within this time frame, Feast triggers at least 6 times. You basically got 120 HP. The extra damage from DES cannot be compared to it. Furthermore, missing an ability with DES really hurts. And there is often a good chance of bad things happening. But Feast can only give a lot of benefits, especially if the enemy has strong laners. If the enemy has champions like Kha’Zix, Irelia, and Elise (divers who can 1v1 even in teamfights), you would be taking more damage thanks to DES. In lane, sieges, or teamfights, single target champions (with the exception of Varus, Jayce (he did not mention Xerath but had an image of him)) all take Feast. However, there are exceptions. eg. When you want to clear the wave fast. On champions such as Ahri and Fizz, if you are level 9 and have Morellos, you can one shot the casters with DES. It’s not a guarantee, however. You might be able to do so without DES because you have more items, or you might still be unable to do so even with DES because you didn’t get your items fast enough.

-Absolutely take Vampirism over Natural Talent (Dopa could not stress this enough). You can easily get more AP/AD with items but normally midlaners could not get LS/SV. For ADs or APs, unless you sacrifice quints, you can’t get LS/SV. You can get 190 HP back with this mastery in lane, before the laning phase ends. Now try doing 190 extra damage with Natural Talent! Furthermore, since minions don’t have resistances, the damage you do to minions is the damage you heal. However, your AP/AD is more focused on attacking champions, so the mastery is affected by resistances. Recovery masteries > damage masteries. With Vampirism, you can manage your HP better and lane better. You have better survivability vs ganks. Late game, Vampirism is even stronger as it is percent damage based, whereas Natural Talent only gives some AP and AD per level. However, there are champions that absolutely want extra damage early game and scale well with both AD/AP (eg. Fizz, TF, Viktor because of his Q), in which case you could opt for 4 points in Natural Talent and 1 in Vampirism. You must absolutely have at least one point. Some people might thinking taking 1 SV quint and 5 points in Natural Talent could be a good idea, but Dopa says otherwise. This only works well with ADCs, not midlaners. Why? Because the majority of your sustain in lane comes from the LS, and only some comes from the SV. Of course, if you have your own sustain or if your items include sustain items (Corrupting Potion, Catalyst, Chalice), then you don’t need Vampirism. TLDR: If you only scale with AD or AP and not both, take 5 points in Vampirism. If you scale with both, you can opt for 4 points in Natural Talent and 1 in Vampirism. Only take 5 points in Natural Talent if you have innate sustain or sustain items.

-Bounty Hunter vs Oppressor depends on your champion. The most important thing is whether Oppressor can help you in lane or not. eg. Azir’s harass in lane comes from his Q+W autos. So take Oppressor on him. But on a champion that does not have any CC in lane, eg. Viktor (you don’t really use W that often in lane), it’s better to take Bounty Hunter. Bounty Hunter is good in solo queue because midlaners often get involved in fights early on and it gives a lot of damage. Midlane is the best lane to take this mastery. For champions that easily get kills, it’s better to take Bounty Hunter over Oppressor even if they have CC, eg. Fizz and Zed. Ultimately it’s personal preference. Neither are really good.

-He then talks about Yasuo. Why does he have such a high winrate despite dying so much? He can take advantage of teamfight victories way too easily. If you win a minor skirmish or a teamfight and Yasuo stays alive, he can easily push towers, clear waves, and kill epic monsters. It doesn’t matter if he has previously died a lot.

-Being able to kill champions is good, but clearing waves, getting towers, grouping, and getting epic monsters are very significant. Hence Savagery is good. It’s not just for last hitting. If you can kill a 60 HP minion (with 58 AD) with one auto, it’s better than with two autos. You will push the lane to their tower faster. Maybe you can deny an extra cs from your opponent. It stacks up. In all honesty this mastery is very insignificant, but it does give more advantages than Fleet of Foot, so take Savagery.

-Cunning Tier 2 masteries are equally good. Dopa personally prefers Assassin. If Assassin’s damage had still applied to minions and monsers, Dopa would 100% recommend this one. But because it doesn’t, the other masteries are still equally useful. He wouldn’t have recommended Runic Affinity, but since Blue Buff now gives AP, it’s not a bad choice. Secret Stash also gives a lot of safety in lane.

-Merciless is taken over Meditation, but Meditation is not a bad choice if you need the mana. Meditation is actually very efficient for the regen it gives. If you have a big mana pool, if you get Tear (Jayce, Ezreal), or if you have your own big mana item (Viktor), Meditation would be really effective. Meditation is really good for high mana costs. Regenerating percent missing mana is not an available stat in game except through Ocean Drake. But since points in Meditation would cost you damage from Merciless, you cannot put too many points into Meditation. You don’t lose much damage if you take 1 less point in Merciless, but that 1 point in Meditation gives you a stat you could not obtain otherwise. Really, having none at all versus having a little bit has a huge difference. You can feel it in game. Imagine a situation where you want to cast an ability. The extra mana from Meditation might just be enough. Also, taking into account the fact that your opponent has Merciless is important for deciding whether to use a potion or not. You cannot ignore 5% extra damage. If you feel like your HP will go below 50% after a trade, don’t save your potion. Use it. This is especially important on champions that are bullied early on, eg. Kassadin, Fizz.

-Dangerous Game over Bandit, because Bandit is only for supports and Bankplank.

-Precision is really good because it gives Hybrid Pen in lane. Intelligence’s CDR is useless in lane! Pick the mastery that helps you in lane. Without 40% CDR, you cannot go over the CDR cap and the effect of the extra CDR takes so long for you to realize its existence. Jungle monsters have resistances and Aegis gives minions bonus resistances (no longer valid for Season 7). Precision is better than Intelligence in trades and in farming jungle monsters. Intelligence is only better if you cannot trade in lane, if you have bonus effects on your abilities, or if your abilities already do a lot of damage. Dopa can only think of Veigar.

-TLD most of the time, but Ryze takes Stormraiders. Some other champions that work well with Stormraiders are Aurelion Sol, Diana, and others that can quickly trigger the effect.

-You really only invest in Cunning because TLD is so OP. Cunning’s masteries are pretty bad, except for Precision and TLD.

-Setups other than 12/18/0:

-18 points in Ferocity for Malzahar, Vladimir, Swain, taking Piercing Thoughts and DFT. These champions do damage over time. Other champs that want 18 points in Ferocity are poke champions, eg. Varus, Jayce, but in Dopa’s own opinion Stormraiders is better on Varus and Jayce.

-18/0/12 is better than 18/12/0 because you only put in points in Cunning for Precision and TLD. 12 points in Cunning < 12 points in Resolve.

-Recovery and Insight are really good. Tough skin is good vs autoattackers, eg. Fizz and Jayce, and it is strong vs meta junglers, eg. Elise, Reksai, Kindred, Graves. Veteran’s Scars also gives HP. By investing in resolve, you gain at least 100 extra HP in lane. Late game, Resolve is still better than Cunning. Points in Cunning are better for poke champions, eg. Varus and Jayce. If you are not a poke champion, take 12 points in Resolve.

-There is also the case where you need SOTA on Vladimir.

-Some examples at the end: Viktor, TF, Fizz, Veigar, poke champions like Jayce (kind of weird since the video has Xerath’s image instead, but Dopa is clearly saying Jayce). Go to the end of the video to look at those setups. There are images of the corresponding champion with the masteries.

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