Doctor Not Allow Dopa Stream

As already scheduled, Dopa will stream League of Legends Season 7 on Chinese Server on December 13, 2016. Unfortunately, he went to the dental hospital this morning December 12, 2016. After talking, the doctor said that he need a month of streatment. So Dopa will stay in Korea for a month and may not stream this time!

You may have a question “why Dopa cannot stream on Korean Server?”. For your information, Apdo got banned from Riot Korea for 1000 years for his main account. That means he cannot play League of Legends on Korean Server anymore! He did create other accounts and stream on a Chinese Website but all the accounts still get banned.

About 5 month ago, Dopa played some accounts such as Huya90888, wobushidopa, dayeganma on stream. Then they are banned all by Korean Riot.

So why Dopa got banned? A few years ago Dopa was a solo-q god that started to attract a lot of attention. To attract a lot of viewers for his stream, he started to do a lot of childish things like elo boosting in his stream. Because of this, Riot banned the accounts he boosted, his account, AND his social security number. However, after this incident, he has stopped elo boosting and has started to stream and just play solo-q on his own account. Then why was he banned if he wasn’t elo boosting? This is because his accounts aren’t registered with his own name and social security number. He can’t ever play on the Korean server WITHOUT elo boosting even if he’s playing for himself. He can’t EVER for a 1,000 years, create an account with his own name.

Anyway, you can watch Dopa’s games on Korean Seever Season 7 at: and his Champion Guides at:

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