Source: “Last night Dopa met Bjergsen, faker the shy, and Bang in Korean soloq. Bjergsen carried the game and tried to add Dopa. Dopa clicked refuse directly and then explained to the audience on why he did so. Miya(Apdo’s Chinese translator): Why you don’t add Bjergsen? Dopa: My English is not good so even if I talk with him we couldn’t communicate well. And I never add friends. My current account doesn’t have any friends. Currently a left-alone, no friends. If it is on other servers then its ok. But on Korean server, its not good for the pro gamers to have any connection with me. I like Bjergsen, but if I talk with him, the Korean forums will discuss it again. If so, I am afraid that this would have some negative impact on him, so better not to add friends. Miya: Before Dopa played a 5 man dynamic queue with ROX members and they were immediately accused by Korean fans. They had to stop all the personal streams and made a public apology. Just for playing one game with Dopa. So he(Dopa) said its better not to have any connection with pro gamers on Korean server. He’s afraid of bringing troubles to others. Koreans fans want Dopa to be a left-alone.” Edit: the shy but not faker. op of Tieba has fixed it. Dopa’s account: It was three days ago, the game that Dopa on a 1-5 Sivir.
Source: Reddit

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